Hot Black Hairstyles For 2010

Black hairstyles vary each season, from one year to the next. Hot black hairstyles for 2010 have become more versatile and diverse with the advent of new hair product formulations that allow black hair to maintain moisture and reduce breakage. Black hair is more fragile than most types - increased thickness and density, tendancy to be dry and hard to moisturize, and often brittle - so, the best black hairstyles are designed to adapt to the unique characteristics of black hair.

Black HairstylesSome of the latest black hairstyles include short bobs, which you can spice up with extra curls or keep straight for stunning high fashion effect. Sexy pixie black hairstyles are also a hot look you may want to try. Tight bun updo can appear very sexy; but you may also want to have some braids or twists instead. Wavy and tight curls are also among the hot favorites in black hairstyles for 2010, along with straight across bangs.

Let us now take a deeper look at some of the hot black hairstyles for 2010.

Shiny Black Razor Cut Bob with Long Bangs

This variation of shoulder-length bob style features elongated bangs and choppy lengths made sleek with a flat iron and gloss serum. The key to pull off a fabulous look is to choose the perfect and most flattering length suited for your facial shape and structure. Ask your hairstylist to razor cut long bangs along the forehead up to a point where it barely touches your lashes. You can easily style it using a paddle brush while blow drying; then straighten locks with a flat iron. Apply shine serum for maximum sleek finish.

Layered Black Pixie

This great style is very flattering on any woman with black hair and tends to bring out the best features while subtly concealing the flaws from view. It's a versatile style and a simple change in the part of your hair can get you a totally new look. The layers are perfect for adding color highlights to your hair to perk up your personality or simply to give your hair added definition.

French Twist Black Hair

This style is one of the easiest black hairstyles and is often used when you want to get hair off your face. Hair is drawn back and twirled or twisted right at the nape of the neck then pinned up in a roll at the back of the head. It's the perfect style for a refined and sophisticated look and you can even fancy it up with hair accessories such as brooches or tiaras.

Lustrous Black Curls

Although looped and corkscrew locks are seldom paired with uneven layers. Curly hair styles make a stylish exception. Get glam with this sleek voluminous style. Blow-dry your hair while backcombing at the roots to get a big boost in volume. Use flat-iron to give hair extra smooth finish. Use rollers to wrap the tips then tweak with your fingers to loosen locks. Use shine spray for a perfect finish. The effect is stunningly sexy with the loose ringlets at the bottom contrasting with the smooth texture up top.

Deep Black Waves with Side Cornrow

This style is ideal for curly hair that has a little bit of weight and volume. Work with your curls by fashioning intricate cornrows on one side and contrast it with long spirals on the other side. Use curling irons to define the waves. The sexy deep waves will give a flirty and feminine, yet modern effect.

Super Straight Long Black Hairstyle

Long black hair that is super straight and sleek always looks fresh and flirty with pinned up faux bangs. One of the easiest styles that women-on-the go favor. Blow dry with a flat-backed brush, pulling downward as you go. Polish tips with the use of flat iron and you're good to go.

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  1. Various hairstyles for black ladies are indeed stunning to look at, however, doing so may get one to be subjected under a possibility of having a a case of hair loss. and with that immediate attention must be catered to the person involved.